She sat with me for an hour in a coffee shop across the street from the one where she is interviewing this moment.  We had breakfast and talked mostly about her time with her dear friend visiting over the past week.  She shared her thoughts on what she anticipated the interview might include, and her thoughts on the reality that though this seems a big deal to others, its all she knows.  "For all I know Mom, they meet personally with everyone."

I tried to not laugh.  Its true, its all she knows.

She dressed in a buffalo plaid flannel and torn jeans with knee high Patagonia boots.  Her khaki army messenger bag ever across her chest.  She is just her, comfortable in her own skin.  I love that about her.

She asked if I knew when I took her to preK that college interviews would look like this.  Then I did laugh…out loud.  I looked her right in her beautiful eyes and said, "Absolutely!"

Moments ago I snapped these pics as she watched through the window to see if the alumni had arrived.

And then she was gone.  Hopes, dreams, questions, fears, ideals and all.

Later she returned aglow with delight.  "Mom, they said I will be getting a letter soon and that Harvard will be very lucky to have me!"

Stay tuned to see what actually happens and what she actually decides to do.

**If you have no idea what this is about, see here.  Info on her Cornell interview is here.