My girls think my dear friend Ruth (Mrs. Ruth to them) is the best chef ever.   She is the consummate foodie artist in their minds.

Mrs. Ruth came into our lives when moved to Minnesota,  then her family moved here to CO shortly after we did.  With her chocolate malt cookies and her chicken salad (Savannah is guaranteed to squeal  if you even bring that chicken salad up in front of her), she has seared a place in my childrens memory.  Its not that she's even cooked for them all that much, its that what she has cooked has every morsel been utter perfection in their minds!  

You see, Ruth understands that Jesus didn't run projects, establish ministries or put on events.  He ate meals with people.

Ruth meets people where they are and feeds them.  Even my children.

She has a way of effectively caring for people through food.  Its remarkable, really.

Savannah made a batch of Ruth's malt cookies a few weeks back.  I smiled every time I saw them sitting on the platter.

Perhaps there is someone who could use time around the table with you this season.