Frequently I am asked what I use to take the pictures for this blog.  All of my pics are taken via my iPhone.  No exceptions.

Recently, I haven't edited everything I have posted because, well, Im not in the mood to perfect everything.  Since I don't have/desire sponsors and don't seek to grow my readers (no comments allowed, followers disabled, personally ask certain people to stop reading (though they don't), etc), I feel that you all can see me without makeup, so to speak.

However, when I do edit, I typically use VSCO Cam for color pop.  Its a free app and the filter I use is also is also free - C1.  I do soften the "voltage" by 25 -50%.  All of these pics were edited there.  You can see that the greens are greener, the whites sharper, the reds deeper, the photobomber more sassy  (what is it with him walking into every one of my pics?).

But for people pics, I use the Afterlight app.  In the app go to Original pack and then to Relic for my fav filter.  Again, I adjust the "voltage" down by 25 - 50%.  I do no other touchup - just three easy steps.

Hope these apps help you a bit as you make holiday memories and even cards.  There will be new ones coming out soon Im sure, but for now, these are my favs.

P.S.  I do still use PicMonkey for all the edits on my computer.