Two summers ago I was sitting at my parents round table near the back bay window having morning coffee with my mother.  I casually reached over to skim a foodie magazine she had sitting nearby.  She told me she had put it out because she thought I might like it, that her chef friend had introduced her to the publication.  Since my mom isn't a foodie/chef at all (she says "her family contribution, in the way of food, was to teach the younger generation how to leave a good tip"), I began flipping through skeptically.  But boy, was she was right!

From that moment Cooks Country has become my very favorite cooking resource.  I have never made a bad recipe from their selections and love the "why this recipe works" notes, useable cooking tips and back cover photo organization (you can quickly see by pic what page each recipe is on, instead of flipping through searching) they use in creating new recipes.    I have found no other cooking resource like it!

A few recipes Ive made and made, and loved and loved (there are so, so many, how do I choose?):

Muffin Tin Doughnuts (above)
Roasted Green Beans with Pecorino and Pine Nuts
Firecracker Chicken

Pizza Monkey Bread (above)

Orange Beef with Sugar Snap Peas

Chocolate-Peppermint Sandwiches (above) - the girls like it when I roll the edges of these in crushed peppermint but I like them as is.

A few I'm planning to try soon:

Orange-Maple Cranberry Sauce (to see if its Thanksgiving worthy)
Feta and Olive Couscous salad
Eggnog Snickerdoodles
Chicken Adobo

Ive asked for a new subscription for my "something to read" this year for Christmas from my mom.  Sadly, the magazines only come bi-monthly, but they are so worth the wait!

Ive got my eye on their online cooking classes as well.