So, in between my moods I have projects.  Most of the time those projects require Doug.  Some of the time I have a large part in the execution of them, but sometimes, this time, it just requires him.

He never complains.

Sometimes I have to wait a week, or 4, but he never complains.

We have this wall in our reading room.  I had no idea what I wanted there.  I don't like furniture up against walls so I knew it was going to look bare in there without something interesting.  But its a large space and, well, I just didn't know what I wanted.  Until I saw this pic from thekitchn.com.

So I showed Doug.

Knowing that there was not one piece of it, other than initial design that I would be any help at all with, he ran with it.

And look how he did!

Its perfect for the space.  And cost less than $20!  Plus, its beautiful at night when the candles are lit!

Supplies were:  1 4x4 fence post cut into twelve 12-inch pieces, and some sawtooth hangers for the backs.

Well done honey!  Well done!

Now I just need a floor lamp and a large piece (thinking abstract oil) for the opposite wall and the room will be finished.

Oh, and that ginormous drum shade for the overhead…I keep forgetting we need that.