Every year on the night before Halloween, since Savannah was 5 and Peyton was 3, we have carved pumpkins as a family.  Neither of them remember life a different way.  Its just what we do!

The clock is ticking for the time we have all together now.  Im acutely aware of this truth as each of these traditions comes around this last time.

I try to not see everything as the last.  Rather as the last of how it has been.  It sounds better that way.

I watched them free-form sketch their designs and change their mind, flipping the pumpkins, as they always do.  Then the carving begins.

I watched them laugh together.

We talked of all the designs through the years, favorites and flops.  We talked of costumes, gatherings, memories.  I made caramel corn and Moster Mash played the in the background.  I tried to grasp how it has gone so fast.

I try to be brave in all of this, but Im not.  Its scary!