Its really quiet around here.  Typically our house is a tranquil one, but it seems moreso right now.

Doug works like a mouse wherever he chooses to plant himself for the day.  Savannah is tucked away in her room finishing up her college apps and engaging with others about internships.  Peyton, also in her teen territory, digitally cuts and pastes on her weekly assignments.  Quiet music or complete silence drifts from each room.  

9:00-1:00 is near placid.  The lunch hour comes and there is talk and laughter.  Then back to work or out for exercise or errands at 2:00.  Then afternoon tea around 4:00, then more work, then dinner at 6:30 or 7:00.  After dinner its conversation, pleasure reading or movies.  Doug works again at this point until 11:00 or later.

Wednesdays I have a date with Peyton,  Thursdays with Savannah, and Doug and I continue our Friday night and Saturday morning dates.  Although Savannah has started wanting to come along with us on Saturday morning (being her last year at home and all).  Doug says that can happen "occasionally".

Im not sure its any different than it always has been.  But it feels different to me, now that I am no longer teaching them.  The only thing that feels normal are our dates.    I miss our daily readings and interactions.  It so weird to be doing college apps!  Where did the time go?

My calendar is beginning to show signs of life.  Im glad for that.  Im watching it carefully so it does not fill to an uncomfortable place.  I have begun to talk by phone to my closest friends, along with my Mom and sister once again; it has been since July that I have felt able to talk to them (with enough mental margin).   It was just too much for me to be around people 24/7.  Everyone except for the ones I love got the best of me.  Thats one of the main lessons I learned.

Its was cloudy (so unusual) and cool today.  I made vegetarian Indian food for lunch.  The girls love to make Naan sandwiches so I made this recipe for them today.  They say its a great one.

A few other links to things we have enjoyed this past week or so:

This coconut/almond milk.  Drinking it daily and putting it in everything coffee or tea related.  Probably my favorite food find this year.  Every night I make a chocolate chai tea latte with it.

These brilliantly breaded (club soda!) fish tacos.  Don't skip the slaw, its fantastic.  Peyton found these in my magazine.  So glad she did!

On repeat around here are these burgers and corn fritters - yum.

This book (Savannah read it and now Doug is).  They know they are late to this one, but both really like it.  They wanted to read it before the movie comes out.

Im not able to read much right now, so I am enjoying Design and Architecture books and magazines.  Modern Country is an new and interesting one.  Especially enjoy the components of these spaces below.

images via

We have family movie night every Sunday.  We are planning Hitchcocktoberfest for October as is our tradition, but the girls will join in this year for the first time.  They have never seen Rear Window, The Birds or Psycho.  

This gelato!!   You know,  I used to have a real thing for this Three Twins one; Doug would pick up a pint monthly at Whole Foods for a couple of years to aid my mood.  (He bought a collection when we were at Camp and put them in the freezer so I would have them as "needed".)  I still like it a lot, but this one…its the current fav.  Seriously creamy.

And this laundry detergent, given to me by a dear friend, is what Ive been using on our master linens and my clothes since we returned from Camp.  Fantastic.

Oh, and college update for Savannah is over here.