Now that we have set up a household here, and I am back in the swing of cooking for only my family of 4 (bliss!), I am also in the process of creating an entirely new cooking repertoire.  I (we) have zero desire to make any of the recipes I made at Camp all summer, which sadly were our collected family recipes.  Somehow making them in quantities of 250-350 servings just killed it.

But what fun it has been gathering all new ideas and taste combinations!  How fun it has been creating all new meals everyday!  Yes, I am back to eating grainfree/sugarfree now that we are home (high altitude makes it necessary).  The rest of the family eats minimal grains and very low sugar.    No processed, all whole foods.  There are exceptions, certainly, but for day to day eating we are back on GFSF.  It was very easy to hop back into those rhythms; its been 3 years since we started eating this way.

(we made this quick chana masala for lunch yesterday)

As we begin this new collection of favorite recipes, these are my latest go-to food blogs.  Have you ever checked these out?  Everything we have tried from these has been excellent.    

Naturally Ella  - must try these tacos, we've eaten them twice in the last week

Half-Baked Harvest (hands down my favorite food photography as well)

Once Upon A Chef (this Thai Crunch Salad with Peanut Dressing is incredible)

If you have any "must-try" recipes, please send them to me!

What are we having tonight?  Smoky Chipotle Cheddar Burgers (in lettuce wraps instead of buns) with Mexican Street Corn Fritters.