Ive been in decorating mode for two months now.  I have taken my time with this house, for many reasons.  Usually I have the whole house decorated within a few days of move in, but only yesterday did I finally decide what I wanted to do with the entry hall!  I had this branch, and, well…you'll see soon…if it turns out.   Maybe next week.

But now, its time to decorate for Halloween.  My favorite porch decor of the year!  The ravens are always the star of our show, but this year Ive seen a couple of other things that I think are just fabulous. No blood or weapons is my rule.  Prefer characters and quotes from literature, thus the ravens.  But I found these, and they qualify - Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Hound of Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes).

How about this guy as our greeter for the annual pumpkin carving?  He's 6 ft tall and motion activated to "welcome" guests with thundering hooves and a distant neighing of his steed.  Giggle.

I love these but I think they would scare poor Rugby to death.  Poor Pup!  Remember two years ago, how the ravens haunted him?

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I know the negative feelings that many of you have about Halloween, but one thing that I have always loved about Halloween is that neighbors come out, kids interact and there is an opportunity to mingle amongst those who live nearby more than any other evening.  Typically we have a firepit going in our yard with festive but not scary decorations so the little ones feel comfortable. We have met more neighbors at our yearly fall festivals (example here ) and pumpkin carvings (examples here, here) , or on Halloween itself,  than any other holiday hands down.  And with a new neighborhood this year, Im hoping that remains true.

This will be the first year I will not have a trick or treater, but the girls are still really looking forward to all our other traditions.   Peyton said the other day, "Mom!  This is Savannahs last Halloween at home."  Its starting to hit her now too.