The Faithful Friend - 
The Directors Wife, my confidante, my soul sister.  Kristine blessed me in countless ways this summer. We share similar parenting philosophies (our eldest daughters are long time dear friends), we share similar senses of humor, we share the same deep desire to follow our Lord, regardless.  She walked with me, stood with me, cried with me, rejoiced loudly and fully with me.  A favorite memory of the summer with her was watching her unexpectedly walk into a ceremony in which she was being honored.  I stood crying knowing the days, months and years that her heart had waited for the moment.  I felt like a bridesmaid.

The Faithful Guard - 
A man I respect with every ounce of myself, and one I have known since he was a child.  Jess, a soldier ever ready to protect, teach and aid me, did exactly that all of the months I was at Camp.  Our family treasures this man and loves him with all of our hearts.  He departs Camp this summer as well, after a lifetime of living there, and I wait expectantly for what the Lord has next for him.

The Faithful Assistant - 
Oh Halie.  How I love her so.  We shared so much this summer.  With either Shane and Shane playing in the background or the Spirit in the Sky Pandora soundtrack blasting us through the long work hours, this young woman of great virtue learned to dance with me, but backwards and with heels … so to speak.  She was ever my right hand, my corroborator, my backup.  She lessened my load in ways even I don't fully understand.  Her eyes are filled with rushing love where I am concerned, and words fail to describe how much that touches me.  A new room in my heart opened this summer - the name on its door is hers.