I finished my last days at Camp and we said goodbye to our time there last weekend.  This week, unexpectedly,  was spent at the hospital in Houston with my sister whose husband had an emergency surgery.  He is doing well and I am back with my family of 4 now, on an intermission at my parents house.  We plan to soon make our way back to Colorado, to take our things out of storage (where they have been since November), and move into our new home.  How fun to be back in our church, school settings and family routines.  What will it be like to no longer live out of a suitcase?  To have friends over for dinner?  To have coffee watching the light change over the mountains?

Peyton begins 3 of her freshman year classes the day after we arrive (classes taught by other professors) and Savannah will begin her senior year classes after Labor Day.  Obviously I will be amongst much as we unpack and I begin to prep lessons for the school year that will already be upon me.  So, Im not sure how much you will see of me in the next weeks.

I am still only beginning to process all that we have seen and experienced.  Perhaps soon I will have words to put to the hours, weeks and months (almost a year!) that passed.  For now though, I am so thankful to just be back with my husband and my girls - to be just a mom again doing "mundane" things.  So incredibly thankful.