Im putting the finishing touches on the new master this weekend.  Im thinking multiples of our abstract artwork framed (various sizes) over each bedside lamp.  Symmetrical, but not.   Line drawings, soft sketches and some of my black and white photography.    4 pieces on each side.  Or 5.  Or 3.  I'll see.

No monograms.  Aren't you proud?  I did see a new style of monogram that Im not sure I can do without for somewhere in the room.

Its a visually quiet space.  Thats what we enjoy.  Astrud Gilberto'ishness is typically whispering from the room, the drapes are typically bending to the tide of the mountain air slipping in the open windows.  Thats enough actual noise for us.

My parents came for a few days last week and mom and I worked on the chocolate velvet drapes.  I had used this pair in our previous home, but on windows that were about half the size of these.  Instead of buying new ones, we crafted the old ones inserting a contrasting section of fabric.  I am super happy with how they turned out.  Thanks Mom!

Mom thought I was nuts when I said we were going to cut the existing drapes in half,  but they were her favorites when we finished.  (We also dressed the living room windows in floor to ceiling burlap while she was here.)

During daylight hours there is so much light in master the only way I could capture details for pics was to put a sepia filter on the images.  The room is decorated in only shades of chocolate and cream (desert sand, beach sand, ecru, fallow, wheat) - nothing else.  So, the filter isn't far off.   This way you can see textures as well, like the velvet (quilted this time) repeating on the spread, the tortoise shell we searched high and low for, driftwood we collected from Lake Superior, the sugary white sand from Seaside.  Oh, and the friendly rose bouquet sweet Ruth brought to me last night.   (The pleasure of sitting with a dear, dear friend once again!)

You know I always use chocolate and aqua in varying shades to decorate our homes (inspired by our eyes).  I would say this time using only the family of chocolate and cream in our room was inspired by our skin tones.  But truth is, it was inspired by the spoils of our time in Texas - my Old Gringos.  Grin.