We have moved into our new home and it is delightful! There is much about it (and the locale) that I like better than any dwelling we have known!  It feels like a never-ending garden path when I walk the sidewalks of the neighborhood.  I can not get over the stunning landscapes of the yards - each as beautiful as the one before.  Also, the light in the house is incredible!   I love our master and the master bath with its patio and garden views.  Doug found it online and secured it all before we arrived, so the first time we saw it was when we moved in!  We are so thankful for the Provision of a home after 9 months of being in transition.  Its an incredible Blessing.  I really had never wanted a place for our family to be together like I have these past months - when you have never been without, how can you?

After deciding I would not stay on staff at Camp, Doug weighed heavily (and for months)  whether we should stay in Texas or come back to Colorado.  Ultimately the Lord Provided this home, so here we Rest.  I must say, there is great comfort in walking by faith and knowing that what is Provided is exactly where He wants you.

To say that I am loving being back with my family and in the rhythms of daily life doesn't even begin to touch the surface of what I feel.  There is a deep, rushing, peaceful contentment - it feels like a long needed vacation!   In fact, Doug said yesterday that he feels like we have been leaders at an all night youth group lock-in for the past 8 months, that now we are finally able to be quiet, peaceful, rested, together - just the 4 of us.  I agree, it is so lovely.

Morning coffee and time to read with Paul (Romans) and Dietrich (The Cost of Discipleship) at my leisure is enough to make me giddy just walking in the kitchen to get the Chemex ready.  Its been months since I have had enough margin to do anything more than sip scripture; now I can gulp.  Sitting beneath the azure Colorado sky once again, this dry heat enveloping me, this heady scent of pine, dirt and sun about me as I read, well I can't stop smiling.

Constructing our nest has always been one of my favorite pastimes.  That has changed, but only by enlarging!  We brought only 1/2 of our things out of storage as this space is 1/2 the size of our previous home.  The funny thing is, we brought only what we like best so every. single. piece is uncommon.  Its working so well  - each of us keep commenting on how great it looks and feels to us!   And after living in such a small spaces for so long (two 100sq ft rooms, not connected, no bathrooms), this feels expansive.    I have never had an eat in kitchen before but am loving the warmth of it.

Doug cooking dinner after not being able to cook for 8 months is making him smile from ear to ear.  Ive decided to not cook ever again!  Just kidding.  But I still haven't, and we have been gone from Camp for 18 days now.  I might make it to 19.

And I can take a bath!  Halie, you were right - that was a very missed piece living at Camp!

The reading area, below, is one of my favorite spaces.

DID I MENTION WE HAVE BATHROOMS???  Stop laughing, this is exciting stuff!  When you have lived in staff housing with communal baths for so long, this is EXCITING stuff!

And yet, we know, soon the Lord will call us to what He has in mind here.  But for now, we are enjoying this new space and being alone and together - just this.  Reading, cooking, walking, listening to our favorite music, sleeping, watching constellations, sharing ideas.  Soon we know we will need to embrace others once again and we are more prepared for that after our time at Camp.    Everything has its season, you know.