The morning I was given even more vision into my reasons why.  Of course He would use Abigail.  He has used her from the beginning of this journey.  Her feast.  Her patience.  Her wisdom in dealing with right timing.  Her difficult circumstances.

But this morning.

This morning something new was highlighted.

Abigail she was a choice maker.  Ultimately, her choice was to serve both David (thus directly/indirectly our Lord) AND his servants.  To wash their feet.

Clouds opened again and Son shone on this season of my life.

I am to wash the feet of His servants here this summer.

I am so happy to do that.  I love these counselors.  I love what they are doing with their lives.  I am of one accord with them.

I am to go low in foot washing type service of them.

And the staff…inexplicably (not really)…the Lord is breathing into me exactly what He desires of me this summer - to wash them too.    What a Beautiful mission.  How have I missed this?

So I posted the verse to remember, to talk through with others, to hold me accountable.

Just now a counselor came in and asked intentional questions of me - about Savannah at Summit, Dougs ministry and business consulting, Peytons life season and internal growth.   I thought we were just talking.  Then she grabbed both of my hands and I realized she was there to pray for me.  A counselor.  One of His servants.  To pray for me.

Mercy upon Mercy.