So the story goes that there was once a woman who sought refuge upon the water each morning.  Very early she would walk down and launch her canoe upon the waters.  Her trusty dog would beg to accompany her in the craft.  She did not desire to share the time with said dog, but because he would  not stop barking until she let him aboard, she allowed.  Until one morning.

That morning, the woman paddled the front edge of her canoe ashore to speak with her husband who had unexpectedly appeared.  In that very moment the trusty dog decided to leap toward the woman so as to say, "no, please go back out on the water".  The canoe flipped and flopped in the sudden weight change then capsized.  The woman found herself submerged in the murky water.  (You see the woman does not swim in the lake water, she merely canoes in the lake water).   Somehow the trusty dog remained in the boat.  The woman surfaced to find her husband still standing ashore watching the scene and the dog still in the canoe, still wanting to leave the shoreline.

Hours later, the woman's daughter went down to the lake with the trusty dog.  As is typical when the dog has done something unsightly, the girl asked the dog as she pointed at the canoe, which was a quarter mile down the lake from where it was supposed to be docked, "Pup…did you do this?"

He could not tell a lie.