One of the hardest parts of leaving our life this school year was the girls leaving their daily routines.  Peyton so loved her school and her dear friends that she had connected so deeply with.  They still email near daily and facetime to stay connected, but there is nothing equal to visiting face to face.  While we were in Colorado last week she was able to do exactly that.

Honestly, Savannah has many friends who live at or near Camp.  She has not felt alone or lonely for one minute since we arrived.  Peyton, however, does not.  It has been a real struggle for her.  And though she never complains, she would love to have even one sincere friend her age.

Thus Im all the more thankful for these girls in the pics.  They have loved Peyton well through this season of her feeling so alone and so far away.  They have been so very supportive.  They too have been dealing with much since we left - one was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and the others parents divorced after a long and very painful separation.  I pray the Lord draws each of them closer to Him through all He is allowing in each of their lives.