Doug and I used to bring the girls way up on top of a mountain near Beaver Creek, Colorado.  Every summer and every winter of their toddler to elementary ages we would make the pilgrimage from TX to a favorite hotel there.  In the winter, we would ski Vail and in the summer we would hike, bike and enjoy the beautiful out of doors.   We would add in a few camping days at Rocky Mountain National Park as well, because we wanted the girls to have rustic memories too.     Those trips, along with our annual summer Seaside, FL trips, make up the whole of our girls childhood vacation memories.    They were rich and full annual trips and I am so glad we prioritized each year to create those memories.

When I asked Savannah what she wanted for her 16th birthday, she sat quiet for a moment then shared that more than anything she desired a trip away with only me "to that special hotel" of her minds-eye.    She asked for tranquil, individual time to sit and talk ideas and ideals, to journal, to watch mountain skies change from blush to paint to stain and to drink hot teas and coffees with no rush, no deadlines, no clamors or appeals of any kind.  You can imagine my surprise.  And delight.

I asked one more time, just to make sure that I wasn't hearing her wrong…"so, you want to have no plans and you want to sit and talk, read, watch and enjoy with only your mother?"

Yes!  Her beaming smile assured me.

So I booked the trip and here we are.  Resting, reading, sharing, remembering, enjoying.

Every year at her birthday I feel I was the one who received the greatest gift.  I remember on the day she was born, her daddy gave me a beautiful handwritten note which read, "thank you for giving me the greatest gift since you gave me your hand."  I felt the same way then and have every life season since.  The Lord has blessed us so with this child.