Eight years ago this month I sat at a picnic table on this land and read a verse.  I sat at the picnic table so everyone could see me reading my bible.  Seriously, I really did.

The verse I read said that we will be known by our fruit.  I looked up, eyes gazing toward the kitchen where I now work, and asked the Lord what I was known for in that life season.  I was on staff at Ralph Lauren at the time, traveling to clients homes, working diligently on my interior design career.  I was published a few times that year and felt all was ticking along.  The girls were in a private school that we loved and I worked only during their school hours.  Doug was in the middle of completing his MBA and bringing home a paycheck that could have easily supported 6 families.  And I asked the Lord what I was known for.  What was the fruit of my life?

I knew in that moment that my life was not surrendered and that like the moment when the rich young ruler was asked to give up all, I was at a crossroads.  You see, that rich young ruler hadn't gone astray by being a rich young ruler, rather he had gone astray where his dreams were not surrendered, where what he held most dear was not the Lord Jesus.  I knew in that moment my dreams were not surrendered, He was not most dear to me.

I watch these Fathers and Sons walk up the hill from the pool.  In a few hours I will serve them dinner.  I wonder if any of them feel the call to surrender their families, their very core, in a new way by being here this weekend. Do they hear the call?  Will they answer?  There are modern day knights walking the ground here this weekend, but do they know their place in the story of Gods kingdom?  Will they be ready to lead families because their fathers chose a new way?

There is a whistling wind in the trees this moment.  It rustles the old screen doors on the porch where I sit.  It bends the tender wildflowers on the lawn before me.  The only other sounds I hear are the compositions of birds and the warrior call of young boys playing at the pool.    And the only sentence that comes to mind is Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so.