Our life right now is full of Purpose.  But we want to remain a couple full of passion as well.  That takes intentionality, especially right now.  So thankful we have practiced weekly date night for 17 years, but sometimes even that isn't enough!

I asked my parents to take the girls for week so we could invest in each other.  They squealed in delight and jumped at the chance!  Its been years since they could do such as we have lived so far away.

So...Doug and I are enjoying each other without distraction this week.  Were intentionally kindling our relationship.  A couple of days on the San Antonio Riverwalk, lingering dinners under hill country stars, lingering breakfasts on the balcony at our hotel, running out to the late movies, strolling shops, closing down the coffee shops and being very spontaneous has made for a great, great time.