Living at Camp, the commune in which we now reside,  provides absolutely zero intellectual stimulation for our family.  Certainly we can bring those aspects to Camp ourselves, but as things are currently, there is zero beyond our family conversations.  We try to initiate conversations about ideas and ideals but they are met with faces of stone, or laughter.  Most days we stand looking at the same things as the person next to us but see something very, very different.  The culture there is more TV than telescope, more sitcom than Shakespeare.  And few desire change.  Period pieces are laughed at.  Classics are considered snooty.    We are fish out of water in so many regards.  Classical music, fine art and culture are simply not a part of the current Christian camping experience.  In my opinion, that should not be so because our God is the consummate Artist.

I have been away from Camp for a full week now (for the first time in 4 months).  Only yesterday (for the first time in over two months)  was I able to read for more than 10 minutes without interruption.   I spent a couple of hours reading The Four Loves and was even with additional time margin to write a bit.  Delight!  Then today, I spent the day at the Dallas Art Museum with the girls.  I feel like I have air again!  Do you know what I mean by that?  Oh, what a Gift.


Our God is the consummate Artist.