Last night, taking different paths from Doug's car down to a common sidewalk, Savannah and I met up with Peyton and Doug.  We were strolling to a favorite dinner spot at the Hill Country Galleria.  Doug and Peyton chose the route that ran alongside the road, Savannah and I fancied the white limestone staircase.  As we met up at the bottom Doug suddenly asked me how I got on the sidewalk.  I thought it was an odd question since he saw exactly from where I came, but answered that I just came down the stairs.

Then I saw her, the object on the sidewalk he was referring to.  The dummy.   (The mannequin, not my husband.)

My whole family transfigured into an explosion of laughter.    Well, except for me.  Until I couldn't hold it anymore, then I burst as well.

Then they took a "family" picture.

They think they are soooo funny.

Well, actually, they are pretty funny.