Lots of questions on how we are handling activities and school for the remainder of this year, and next.

Savannah will be a senior next year.  Can you believe it?  She has only two classes left to take, Calculus and Physics.  The majority of her time will be spent interning.  Two weeks of her summer this year will be spent at Summit (Lord willing) and then upon graduation she will spend a semester there (Oxford semester is her current desire).  L'Abri continues to be on my mind for her as well.  An internship there is not out of the question.  Savannah is also planning to continue with Club soccer for her senior year, that is if her internships don't take her away for the season.

Peyton will be in 9th grade next year.  This (being at Camp) transition has been hard on her.  She is at a time of life when self thoughts are dominant.  Her life, friends and schedule have changed.  Though she is setting her face toward being supportive and engaged, her heart misses her friends in Colorado.  The very reason we put her in the one-day-a-week program there was because she desired friends so deeply.  The removal of that connection she feels daily.    For next year we are looking at a private, Christian university modeled school, 3 days a week - full sports programs, extracurriculars, etc.  We have toured one and have another tour next week.  We will then decide between the two.  Her school in Colorado ended after 8th grade so regardless she would have been looking at a different situation for her high school years.  No matter, moving is as challenging for her as it is for me.  Doug and Savannah thrive in it.

Savannahs Yale profs won't be teaching AP classes to homechoolers anymore after they complete this school year.   Peyton did not want to go that route anyhow.  We are so thankful for them though, what an incredible Blessing!

As far as volunteer/summer job work, Savannah has been hired (paid position) as the Camp photographer for the summer, taking all the pics of each weeks session in which she is not participating.  Those pics are available for download by the campers after they return home.  Think scrapbook type action shots taken over the course of the week: at meals with cabin, in the lake, pool, on cookout nights, at rodeo, rock climbing, banana boating, on the obstacle course, during mission impossible, doing handcraft, at bible study and awards ceremony, holding hands praying before meals…just camplife photos.  She is SO excited.  Photography is one of her favorite "for pleasure" art forms and is an excellent addition to her portfolio and college applications.  We had no idea staff was even considering her for this job!

Peyton is volunteering as the wranglers assistant.  Her love of animals, and especially horses, has driven this involvement.  Because this is a straight volunteer position, the schedule hasn't quite been worked out as of yet.  The wrangler is getting married in one week so after their honeymoon she and Peyton will map out the spring and summer season.    I anticipate she will have traditional barn chores and animal husbandry responsibilities, help instruct younger campers and will ride at the back of camper trail rides so as to help in keeping the horses in line (no pun intended).  Getting to ride daily has been a dream of hers for years.  I count this as an answered prayer.  We were not able to give her riding lessons in Colorado as her heart so desired.  Again, not planned, the wrangler just came and asked if there would be any interest.  Amazing!

Im not counting on them in the kitchen, but know they will each make it in there on a daily basis to chat/help as they so desire.    Im sure that will take a form that I have no concept of just yet.

So many new opportunities.  A tapestry, huh?

Next week I will post pics of how we live now:  the 300 square foot cabin we share now along with the one we are scheduled to move into before summer, what our schedule is like on a daily basis, etc.  And a scorpion update!

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