Lots of questions asked on how we are living...

We moved out of our home in Colorado on November the 30th.  Since that point, 90% of the time we have all lived in one room together - a hotel room, a guest room, or a cabin.  Exceptions to that would be staying at my parents house on select weekends, the Breckenridge cabin friends loaned us for the first two weeks of December,  or at Ruths house over Christmas.  As you remember, we packed our Colorado home not knowing where the Lord was leading us, just that He was.  We called it, "fill in the blank".  You can go back and read the October, November and December 2013 posts if you missed that time in our lives.

Our space now is typically about 300 - 500 square feet, one room with one bathroom.

As we read the Little House on the Prairie series when the girls were younger I never imagined we would live in a communal space like they did.  I am convinced the past 6 years of living alongside one another day by day has prepared us for these close quarters.  We each know the other in ways that only daily experience can provide.  We also each know how to find a quiet space in our minds amidst the family life.   As I type this reality out,  it seems like it would be much harder than it has been.  Certainly there were adjustments, but we have found a rhythm and everyone is content.  So odd.  5000 square feet to 300.    Our girls have never even shared a room!  Telling.

Right now we sleep and shower in various cabins at Camp.  Its a temporary situation and one that shifts.  We are in one cabin one week, then move to a hotel (in various TX cities)  for the weekend, then back to a different cabin for the next week.

There are no kitchens in these cabins (they are the camper cabins during the summer season) so we eat all of our meals in town.  The previous cook at camp makes all her family's meals during the week in the Camp kitchen and we made the decision back in January to not step in on their routines.   And since we must leave every weekend due to space, we obviously don't eat there on weekends.    Its been a challenging dance to try and honor their family as they transition out and we transition in.  Eating in town and moving out each weekend (even when Doug wasn't fundraising or speaking in another town) was a small way to not cause any undue stress or increased awkwardness.

School for us has been at the Starbucks or Main Street coffee shop in town.  Doug works at the coffee shop as well.  We need internet daily so that seemed the best option for these past 3 months.  As you may remember, we did school daily at the coffee shop while we traveled the west and southwest for history studies in 2011.  This is a routine we enjoy.  I anticipate we will school in town for the remainder of the semester, even after next week when we have a more enduring place to lay our heads.

As you can see, the furnishings are sparse.  Concrete floors, wood beams and aluminum siding are our adornments.  It suits the hill country.

Currently I have agreed to be on staff through August, to get them through the season as the previous Food Service Director moves on to another Camp.   If we as a family decide at the end of the summer that we do in fact want to move our life back here to Texas, we plan to rent a home in Austin where we will move our furnishings at that point. For now they remain in storage in Colorado.  We each have a large suitcase and that is all.

If we do rent a home in Austin, we will still have staff housing at Camp (I have to stay there while Im on duty) so we plan to decorate and furnish our staff quarters in a more homey style than bunk beds allows.  Grin.

Scorpion update:  haven't seen any yet, but I sense they are coming.  They crawl up the drains to get water so Im wondering where I will see them first - sink, shower, walls, floor, under a shoe or book?   Its 70's - 80's here everyday now so they are coming.  They also can climb any surface and hang upside down.  Im making you very jealous, huh?

The Lord has blessed Doug's business consulting work since we arrived in Texas.  He is busier than he ever has been in the 15 years he has run this business.  He also continues fundraising for his E3 mission trips and developing the teams for those adventures.