Amidst it all, there were quiet moments.   Doug caught this one somehow. I was reading the story of Joshua on my phone to remind myself, and counsel my heart.  
I am well equipped to take the land.  
I am well equipped to take the land.  
I am well equipped to take the land.  

Hope is the only emotion stronger than Fear.

Everything I needed, I had.
Every fear was calmed.
Every moment I was Protected.

I walked across on dry land.  I entered.
Not as in Moses walking the Red Sea, as in Joshua crossing over the Jordan.   
I was shown exactly where to cross, and I did.
His Presence so evident, so clear.

I have never cooked for more than 20 people before.  Not by myself anyway.
In the past, while volunteering in the kitchen, there were always a handful of others working as a team. I was never the one in charge of it all: ordering, planning, executing, serving.  Never.
I was only a helper.

I have faced many skeptics in taking this role.   To their credit, I have no experience.  And never wanted the job.  I understand why they thought I would fail.

But I didn't.

Even this morning, as I completed my first breakfast cookout, I was so aware of the complete Provision.  There was absolutely zero training on any of it - I just had to jump in the deep end and swim, trusting He would not let me drown.    Trusting with everything inside of me.

He used His hands and feet here on earth to uphold me.  It was amazing to watch Him orchestrate His tender care and leading of me.  

A dear friend wrote me last week and said, "Each time you call on His strength the fear will fade a little more till one day you will awake and say 'I have no more fear, I gave it all to God'."

I find that thought Beautiful.

I hope to never forget this weekend - the people who showed up out of no where to help carry the load (food rep that patiently taught me how to order, delivery guy that walked me through inventory methods, a volunteer who said "he just knew he needed to show up and help with the deliveries for the day"and insisted I not lift a thing,  my girls who happily stopped in at times to remind me of the whys while I worked, the kind men in the pics  who stood beside me like a sentries as I learned breakfast cookout while a crowd watched) , the kind and compassionate arms that hugged me when I needed it most, the silent leading that helped me plan, order, accomplish.   

I hope I never forget, and always tell, 
of the Joy of crossing over on dry land and the God who ordained it all.

There was no way I could have done this alone.  Only through Him and for Him.  Only.