Cute wall.  But try as we did, it just wasn't a moment for good pics.  No one was in the mood.

This was our 15th week of packing up the suitcases in the gypsy caravan and moving somewhere for a week or weekend.  This week we went to Dallas, checking into a fav hotel,  ate Mexican food and went shopping.  Because what else do you do in Dallas?  Im so out of practice for Dallas.  It wears me out now.

Camp housing is full on the weekends so we can only be there Sun - Thurs nights, thus the over and over leaving.  In a couple of weeks we will have a perm place there and won't have to do this any longer.  We thought last week was our last out of towner weekend, but we were wrong.

Doug and I sat at breakfast and talked about the CS Lewis quote on pride and competition and how it perfectly sums up Dallas.  Some good things are born from that competitive spirit, certainly.  But it also has its inherent insatiability.

I read once that people don't take pictures during the challenging times of life.

Our family would never have any pictures if that was the case for us!   Do you take pictures when you are in the midst of struggle?  Confusion?  Discord or disagreement?  Or only at picture perfect moments?

I think even if the pics aren't "good" they are worth taking.

I look back at pics from years ago and find them becoming, even if they aren't becoming.  Because we were coming into who we were Designed to be.  Becoming.