A long time ago, in a land far away, a friend stood on my rainy porch with crisp daffodils in her hand.  An infant cried in the carseat of her minivan.  I could see 3 other babes through the glass, watching from behind droplet camouflage.  In that moment she began to live out a loyalty to me which I do not understand.    Like a bridesmaid she stood in commitment to me that afternoon - duties, costs and inconveniences ahead, but smiling and steadfast.

I will never see daffodils in bloom without thinking of that woman.  Yesterday, in my parents yard, I saw these and thought of her once again.

Camp has offered me a staff position.  Though we did not see this coming, apparently many of you did.  It is no secret that my dream has always been to be at Camp full-time, but it was always in the context of being a staff wife.  


This job I never wanted.  


But it is evident that this is what is being Asked of me for such a time as this.  So how does one say no to such?  When one has prayed so many years for their life to be what their Maker has in mind, regardless?  

When we pray for manna and it is Given,  do we then question what to eat?  

No, there was no room for saying no.    We had all seen the Pillar of Fire move.

Weeks ago, the day the position was offered, just as I was walking into the formal offer meeting,  the staff secretary handed me a post marked letter - a letter from the woman who stood with the daffodils some years before on the land far away.    I had a few moments before the meeting began so I slipped my finger to loosen the envelope glue and read in the silent office.  Her handwritten words, Divinely Delivered in that precise moment, reminded me of Life with a capital L, my Inheritance, my Legacy, my true Home, the Promises my God has sung over me all these years, my very Redemption.   It was as if the past 7 years ran laps in my mind.   All that Waiting, all that prayer, all those moments of tear stained Trust.   Seed, sprouts, growth, grain, stalk, head, full kernel.  Sickle.  The Director then began the meeting and asked if I would accept the leadership offer.

So I now begin again in something I never planned for.  And am completely sure I am incapable of doing.   But this will again be His story, not mine.  He will be my capability once again.  

Doug said, "Babe, if you have been Hand-Chosen for this job, which it most definitely seems you have, then there are a thousand things at play which we can not see."  He looked me in the eye, smiling, giving me his most heartfelt Blessing and said, "Take the land." 

In a life moment which, in every way, deserves full standing exultation, I can not seem to get off my knees.