One of my dads oldest and dearest friends remains on staff at Camp.  Im in love with him.  He's 75 and Ive had an unashamed crush on him for as long as I can remember, which seems to make everyone laugh.  He's darling.  Darling!   I tell Doug all the time that its a good thing we weren't 30 years older or he would have given Doug a run for his money.    Such a godly man, and such a filled-with-Life, joyful man.  Anyway, he loves my daughters and treats them as though they were his grandchildren.  He taught them both as young children how to shoot with a bow and arrow.  And how to fish.  They both have a crush on him too; he's that kind of man.

But the point of this post is that he fishes with Peyton and calls her "a real fishin' lady".  She swoons.     

I asked him once why he takes the time to fish with her.  I knew there was purpose involved.  He said he wants to echo the Truth about the bigger picture of her life.  She's a real fishin' lady - a fisher of hearts for the Kingdom.  Fishing with her allows him the time and space to talk of such things.