Totally inspired by the Texas Monthly Bucket List (fabulous!), we've started a new one!  Number one is now complete:  eat a Brown Derby from an original Dairy Queen.   We sat in the afternoon sun and wrestled the chocolate; drop after drop of the soft serve falling on the asphalt.    10 minutes of pure fun.     We've had these many times before, but never ordered them as Brown Derby's … and somehow the intentionality of talking through DQ history and laughing together made it all the more delightful.

Did you know before the Dairy Queens appeared the people of small Texas towns had no place to meet and talk? These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a county without a DQ or two (Texas has nearly six hundred, more than any other state). Locals ordered a Brown Derby—vanilla soft-serve dipped in chocolate—slid into one of the red vinyl booths, and soaked up the gossip.  There they learned about the last school board meeting, the farmers’ bumper crop (or the drought), or the latest scandal to rock city hall.