Spent the morning alone with Doug looking at a handful of waterside houses growing up from land punctuated by cactus and live oak.  Dry, dusty, perfect land.  Word is that its going to be 80 degrees here today.  

This moment I sit on the patio of a coffeeshop overlooking a reservoir of the Colorado River.  The sweeping sundress Doug gave me last night for Valentines day pools on the stained concrete under my chair.   Willie and Waylon are singing about Poncho and Lefty on my playlist.  Next up Willie will go solo on Georgia.  Then probably Highwayman.   I may eeeeek outloud in utter delight.

Yesterday Peyton and I spent the day wandering Austin while Doug and Savannah did the official prospective freshman tour of UT.  Doug did his undergraduate studies there and Savannah has said since she was 3 that she would go there.  She has 5 schools on the list right now, all pursuing her heavily:  UT Austin, Vanderbilt (we're there next week), Stanford, Tulane and Yale.  If you are wondering what she's thinking about her university studies you can read here.    Its a fun time, in every regard.  So fun.  SO.FUN!

The sparse yet unbounded feeling of it all carries me away.

Doug snapped the pics while they were on the official tour together.  When they met up with us later she was a flood of information, emotion, excitement.    Loved that they could share that moment.