Its been 6 1/2  years since we  have lived in the same city.  Each and every week we have a phone date.   Our families have consistently made sacrifices so we could travel to spend one-on-one time together.  We have learned how to maintain our rich relationship from afar.  But there is NOTHING like sitting across the sofa from her for 7 hours straight just talking, enjoying, Praising, crying, laughing, confessing and enjoying this Gift the Lord gave us together so, so long ago.

Monday Doug was in Dallas for various meetings so he dropped me with Taralyn for the day.  She cried the second she saw me.  I immediately gushed of how lovely she is, how much I love her.  So true to us - her heart full, my words many.

Doug says every picture he takes of us we look just the same - like she's about to cry and like I just got away with something.

I love her so.

Remember when Doug surprised me by flying her to me?  Here, here and Here?

Other random pics of us together here, here.