Putting personal touches on our cabin.   No excuse for ugly!  We are 4 people and a dog sleeping in 300 square feet.  One room, one bathroom, one porch.  Yes, it feels very different than the 4500 sq ft we just moved from...but here we have 375 acres (and all they hold) where we each find all the different forms of privacy we desire.

Establishing school rhythms in a place where school is typically the last thing on our minds.

Walking to the property gate (1 mile each way from my cabin) each morning, listening intently to the gravel and crushed limestone beneath my feet.  Is this real?  Praying (my head spinning in Wonder) from all that has transpired.

Having my quiet time each morning in the Lodge.  In complete Awe.

Standing in a field counting more stars than I ever see anywhere else (Ive thought that since I was a small child).  Doug says he sees Scorpio (it was really Orion), I scream and run.    I know the scorpions are coming…soon.   Remember me writing about them last summer?

Enjoying hilltop dinners in town with the family.  We've eaten outside every night this week, watching the long sunsets over the beautiful Texas hill country and enjoying the smell of piñon wood.

Going to town for pie happy hour - $3 for pie and a cup of coffee.  My sister calls it heaven.

Wondering what in the world the Lord has in mind for us here.  But kind of not really caring because we love it here so much and would truly be happy to scrub toilets.

Finding Savannah hanging high above the lake in her hammock.  Same place as during the summer, but now she working on an art final.  How unexpected… and lovely.

Calling Peyton to lunch from across a different lake, the one where I canoe in the early morning hours.  She reads her history and literature assignments on a swing next to the water.  Her bare feet drag through wildflowers with each to and fro movement.

Enjoying 75 degree sunny, sunny days (one right after the other) in January.

Hearing repeatedly that Doug is accomplishing what he needs to (and wants to) each day.  Instead of dealing with one crisis or survival situation after another.  Perhaps the greatest Provision of all of this.

Gathering and executing decor for Camp's annual fellowship banquet.    Its been awhile since Ive had a project of that scale.  Delightful!

Hearing old men talk about the size of chicken fried steaks while we sit at the Bluebonnet Cafe and how they like them "plate dry" (gravy on the side).   I swoon.

While in town, having waitstaff come up to our family and say how nice it is to hear such laughter coming from a table.  Having cowboys come up and ask Doug in joyful jest how he manages with all these women around him.  Having people from other tables come up and introduce themselves because they know we aren't from around here.    All the smiles, welcomes, acknowledgement from people we have never met.  So nice to not feel invisible …its been a long time.

I love it here so much.  My heart is so full.  So thankful for this time, however long and whatever form it is taking.

I love it here so much.  Did I mention that?