My parents drove to Colorado earlier this week to pick up Savannah and Peyton.  With 400K miles on Dougs 1989 Range Rover, we didn't want to take the chance of it breaking down on the 15 hour drive with the girls in tow.  Plus my parents were just dying to get to us, hug us, see us with their own eyes.  These past months have been challenging for them as they have watched us wait for Gods Best for our family.

Hours after we loaded the girls into their car and they headed out for the return journey to Texas, Doug and I followed.  Oh, and Rugby too.  And you know what?  Dougs car didn't have one moment of despair.  Thats what we call Provision in our family.

We are all in Texas now.  My parents 50th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and, Provisionally, we will all be able to join the celebrations.  After that we are headed to Camp to see what the Lord has in mind for us there.

There are lots of smiles passing amongst us, lots of deep sighs of thankfulness.  We know there are adjustments and twists and turns ahead, but once again we thank God in advance for what He is doing and making out of our lives.  Truly He writes the best stories.