Most every time my eyes meet hers she is smiling at me.

I marvel at a teenager so ready for adventure, so sure of her Gods Provision, so ready to help, cheer, listen and crack a joke.

There has not been one moment in these last trial filled weeks that she has been anything but a joy to her father and I. Yesterday while we were all piled in the car looking at what felt like the 5000th house, I heard her playing trivia games with Peyton in the backseat.   I realized in that moment that she is actively seeking ways to lessen our load, to make each of our days brighter.

While she was in Texas in November, my sister spent a day with her alone.  During their after-dinner Starbucks run, Elizabeth asked her how she was doing with all our changes.  My sister says that she flashed that gorgeous smile and said, "I love the adventure our family walks."    She told her she wouldnt have it any other way, that she will miss it greatly when she leaves for college and hopes to live the same as an adult.   My sisters reply was, "well it stresses your mother out!" She laughed, and in her ever easygoing fashion said, "she does just fine - shes the one that taught me to ride it."

I dont think I do just fine, but I do think this woman child is one of the great Gifts of my life.

(sorry all the selfies are grainy. flipped screens dont take sharp pics)