Im thankful to share that a door has opened for our family.  After the 3rd door closing on us securing a new home (our lease ended Nov.30),  Doug met with the girls and I and we continued our discussions of "if not here, then where?"  He posed the question to us once again that perhaps we were pursuing the wrong angle, that we needed to keep knocking until the Lord opened a door but that might not be for a home in Colorado Springs. 

We asked the girls where they would love to be more than anywhere else in the world for this window of time.    To dream big, not be limited by this or that in their thinking.  They both replied, "at Camp Peniel, of course!"  Doug and I were thinking foreign family mission trip, travels for school, taking some time to view all the colleges Savannah is interested in.  But somehow this Camp idea struck a harmonious chord in all of us.    Since Savannahs classes are distance this year (can be completed from anywhere) and Peytons principal agreed to email all her assignments to us, we literally had nothing holding us back.

If you have read here for awhile you know I went to Camp as a child camper... and was on work crew there... and a counselor as well.  My father did as well.  Our girls are 3rd generation campers and now summer work crew members.   It is my favorite place in all of the world.  It is theirs as well.  I always thought I would live there one day, being on staff in some capacity, but the door for that has never opened.  


Doug needed to be in Texas for fundraising for his missions and church planting work.  After talking with the girls he asked me to call Camp and see if the girls and I could volunteer there while he was doing his fundraising - about 4-6 weeks.  I did call and they were beside themselves with excitement.  It seems that they were already planning to call me that same day with something else in mind.   There were two parallel stories happening at once - our transitions here and their planning there.  

So we are off on yet another adventure.  It has all happened very, very quickly.  But, as Doug said, "When the Hand of God moves, you don't question it."  It is evident to everyone involved that the Lord has had this all working together for a very, very long time and it is beyond incredible to watch it unfolding.    

We left everything in storage and took only suitcases once again.