Over the past weeks as Christmas has approached I have wondered how, in this very uphill season of our lives, that I might worship differently because of our circumstances.  Day by day of this journey, the answers have become more and more clear.

I am so near to the emotions of the Christmas story this year: the couple traveling in laborious conditions, walking by faith into what they were facing and not knowing how all would turn out (or even where they would stay),  the shepherds waiting, wondering (maybe they had somehow missed what they watched for day and night?),    even the wise men, unsure of what they would meet upon arrival, but knowing there was no option - they must go.  What a Blessing to be able to sit with these thoughts,  to ponder them as we "fill-in-the-blank".

I have learned over the years that we do not need to experience exactly what others have experienced to know them deeply, we need only to notice and truly consider the emotions they have felt.    This year, I "know" in new ways.  And I am thankful for that Gift.

For each of you who have prayed for our family, thank you.  That is the greatest gift you could give.   I also want to thank you for reading here and thus sharing in our journey.  I pray this is a place where Testimony is shared and encouragement is found.  We are each working our own puzzle The Lord has given us.  I believe in sharing how He is meeting us, and how we are waiting and depending on Him, we experience Him more fully.    Thank you for your notes to me and the sharing of your own lives which Blesses me so richly.

Know that if you read here you are prayed for.  Even if I dont know you by name, the Holy Spirit does.

Merry Christmas to each of you.  May you be still and know, worship and celebrate, wonder and praise.  Jesus came.  Emmanuel.