Breckenridge coffee shops.  Lots of reading and card and board games.  Snowshoeing the Placer Valley.

A dear neighborhood friend even invited the girls to decorate her tree with her.  A Blessing as we probably won't have a tree this year.  She says it was a Blessing for her as well; her husband died almost three years ago and decorating the tree is one of her harder moments of the year.  

Making the most of our time in between the house hunting and Direction seeking.    Many of you have asked, we have no plans to move away from Colorado Springs.  We plan to stay there at least until both girls are graduated - 1 year for Savannah and 4 for Peyton.  But the Lord will direct our paths to what He sees as Best for our family.  Usually that means something we never planned for!

Pot Roast.  Lasagna.  Ham and Potato Soup.  Dutch Apple Pancakes.  Brownies.  Chocolate Cake.  Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup.   Enchilidas.   Stir Fry.  You know, recipes I dont need the recipe for.  Cookbooks are in storage and no internet at cabin.  Lots and lots of hot tea (Nutcracker Sweet and Candy Cane Lane disappear fastest).

Some days are easier than others but were striving to Celebrate in it all.  A friend asked for prayer requests the other day and Doug's solitary request was that we wouldnt miss the lessons of this challenging season.    

last two pics via Breckenridge Visitors Center