Last week Doug received a note from a dear friend.  It read, "We would like to find a way to make Peytons birthday special in a way that only you and Keitha can imagine. We would be blessed if you could indicate a way that we could help provide something special just for her day - maybe a gift certificate to her favorite tea room or the Broadmoor, or a gift card to a special book or art store, or even just an amazon or ebay gift card. Or maybe I can PayPal you some money for you to do with as you guys deem best. But whatever the means of getting it to you, we would feel truly blessed if we could help you bless her on her special day."

Kindness unimaginable.

For years we have had a tradition of tea on her birthday.  There really wasnt a way to make that happen this year.  Until there was.

When I shared with her the kindness that had been extended, she was quiet.  Then she said, "I had no idea they cared so much for me."  Indeed they do!  

Isnt it amazing how kindness seeps so deeply into a heart?

I also shared with her the Truth that this Blessing, though given through the hands of dear friends, was directly from our Lord.  That He cares so much for her, and in that care He prompted His listening children to move on His behalf.  She smiled, oh she smiled.  

I will never forget the kindness of these dear friends nor the pursuit of my God toward Peytons heart.