A few observations from the day:

Observation #1 by Savannah -

"Mom, why is it the only time we see teenagers at the grocery store with their parents is before Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Why dont they go with them any other time?  And why do they all look so put out with life?  They never laugh or cut up; they look so tense and uncomfortable."

Observation #2 by Doug - 

"Does anyone else think we have too much stuff?"

Observation #3 by Peyton -

"Yes, Im sure of it.  There is a verse in the Bible that says let the little children lick the bowl!"

Observation #4 by Me -

There was joy in our home today.  Amidst all this uncertainty there was gladness! There was laughter and dancing while cooking all our favorite Thanksgiving traditions.  There was unity and teamwork in packing up and in looking Expectantly toward the future.  There was joking, singing and togetherness!  No selfish teenagers demanding.  No bitter marriage spewing.  Really, there was no ugliness of any kind whatsoever.  And Doug had just enough help to get all our heaviest furniture pieces into the moving truck.