Yesterday we took the day off from all of our unknowns to celebrate what we have Known.
To Remember... and count the Blessings of it all.
It was our 17 year anniversary.

17 years of walking together.

The triumph and trial of it.

And the God who ordained it.

We talked of memories and dreams, fears and failures.  We wondered at the Provisions of our life together and the richness it holds from the fires we have walked.

God has taught us and molded us each individually more through our marriage than through any other instrument.  He is melting away what never needed to be there and leaving behind the evidences of His Grace.

We are both so thankful.  Truly He has sustained us and made us so much more together than we ever thought possible.  He knows the Plans He has for us.

 And still the Best is yet to come.

(After the day about town, we had an early dinner at a quiet little Italian place we used to go to when the girls were babies.  When we parked I got out to find rose petals all over the ground.  My face lit up like a child.  There weren't petals on Dougs side of the car so he could have easily missed them.  I called him over and we stood amongst them for a few minutes.  Though many would call it a cooincidence, we didnt.  We counted it a special Blessing and Loving reminder from the One who sees and knows.  We walked on petals just the same when we left the chapel after our union those 17 years before.)