Our first snow of the season is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Our house is decorated with ravens galore.

When she wasnt looking, Doug packed a plastic cockroach in Peytons school lunch today.  She and all her friends got a big surprise (and a few screams) around noon.  A little October decor "to go".

Savannah takes the PSAT in a couple of weeks.  Happens only in October, only your junior year.

Invitations are out for our 5th annual pumpkin carving - our favorite party of the year!

We plan to take a day trip to Aspen this weekend to see the fall color.

I made our favorite homemade applesauce this week.  But even better, I had honeycrisp apples and Cabot extra sharp cheddar every day this week for lunch.

Flannel sheets have made it on all the beds.  (Our dear friend bought everyone in our family a set last winter).

Savannahs friends from Texas are all sending pics of their homecoming mums.  We are getting a big kick out of looking back on Texas traditions (like wearing a huge flower, with ribbons and wording and cowbells attached, around all day).  Its only funny when you move away - when you are there its SUCH a big deal.

And...Firepit nights are the new picnic around here.

P.S.  Oh, and a new addition this fall, guess who has taken over grill duty when Doug is away?  Peyton!  Hurrah for teens who can smoke meat for their mamas!

Photo credit Sundance