I love our date nights and mornings.

I think they counteract the tendency to take each other for granted.  I think they stoke sparks that help sustain fires in the larger picture of us.

We have a few spots about town that are our secrets - places where we go when its only us and we just want peaceful, romantic places to talk.  One, a fire pit upon a balcony that overlooks Pikes Peak.   Last night as we sat there and talked about the up and comings of our life I thought about our "we-ness" and how our time alone each week strengthens our commitment to this unusual life we share.

I thought about how this time each week is always a stress reliever.  And how that as we leave our everyday pressings at home we are able to support each other differently.    Somehow the change of atmosphere allows each of us to enter into the others world in a fresh way.

After we shared a bite to eat we moved to another favorite corner a few miles away.   In a wing at the Broadmoor that no one else seems to know exists we sipped tea and talked some more.   Admittedly we were shown the special spot by a staff member - an insider secret.  

These unique spots add color to our marriage because of how we enjoy them together and set them aside only for our alone time.  Neither costs a penny to enjoy.

Weve always had a rule that date night conversation cant be about the girls or work.  Sometimes that is hard, sometimes its a cake walk.  But the rule always proves beneficial.  This time is about investing in us.