While we were on the phone this week, Taralyn asked for pics of the current porch.    I was multitasking while talking to her as Peyton and I were moving a few things around out there.    I told her there wasnt much to show as I never know what to do for a September porch.  August is red, turquoise and yellow to me, but September leaves me perplexed.  But, the porch says Hello and Welcome before any of us do - I needed to do something!

So, since Peyton had a class party here on Saturday night and things clearly needed an update, we just went with what was in bloom in the yard and updated the chalkboard showing a bit of our Texan'ness.   In two weeks we will update for October - that one is always our favorite.  

I will say that it does feel like crisp fall here.  I am even contemplating the flannel sheets!  Its been in the low 40's here at night for a week or so.  Since we sleep with the windows thrown open Ive been waking up a bit chilly.  The aspens are starting to show their first signs of buttery yellow as well.  Wasnt it just summer?