Doug accepted a full time missions director position a couple of weeks back.  Ill write more about it soon (when my thoughts are more collected).  Basically he (sometimes we) will be traveling to Africa, Asia and South America to facilitate sports camps for kids.  While there he and his teams will share the Gospel with the kids and their families.  At the end of the camps Doug and his teams will partner with local churches and pastors  (locals in those communities) to plant new churches engaging the community they have built during these sports camps.  Then he will come home, engage new teams (churches, organizations, companies) to go with him again (a mission trip for them) and do it all anew.  And, in and amongst those trips, Doug will be their national and international speaker -  getting the word out on the ministry and how to be involved.

Its all very new to him/us and there are still lots and lots of questions to be answered.   It is a 100% raised support position so before he begins his global travels and work all of those practicalities have to be completed.  His 6 weeks of fundraising will begin soon and then he will be off.  Because raised support positions take years to full fund, he will continue his consulting, table building, tutoring (tent making).

The organization he will be working for is E3 Partners Ministry, in case that kindof thing is interesting.

He was out of town for orientation/boot camp training last weekend for the position so the girls and I had the weekend alone.  Our family has been under the weather for a couple of weeks now so we werent up to doing too much.  We did make it out and about on Saturday to a few antique/junk stores and to enjoy the day in some quiet but pleasureful ways.  

At one point the girls called me over to read a sign (the big pic above).  They let me read while they studied my face (why do they do that so often?).  One held my hand, one entwined their arm in mine - neither said a word.  I dont want to assume what they were thinking, but I will say the sign made me very happy.    It communicates the feelings I wanted to paint in my family.

I dont know where we will be living soon.  I dont know how much Doug will be gone.  I dont know what our life will look like with these new changes.  I do know that my role in this family is to support Doug and to continue to bless these girls.  I also know I am very excited for him.

Full time missionary?  That was what I said I wanted for years and years and years...and yet he never did.  Then I wholly gave it up.  And now...

I long for a predictable life for my family, the kind that sign above represents.    But somehow these girls have that inner solidity that I thought only a predictable life would bring.    And really, now that I read it again, the sign isnt at all about predictability - its about enjoying the moments, the ride, the Blessings.  Kindof like what scripture says our lives will be - unpredictable but Blessed because of who He is.  Sigh.

Pondering it all.