My dearest friend from Minnesota moved here only 6 months after we did.  She and her husband and their two precious daughters moved near Boulder, the area which in the last 24 hours has been hit with devastating floods.  She sent a text last night to tell me they had escaped their flooding home, her husband simultaneously sent one to Doug describing wading through chest high waters to safety.  This morning when I spoke to her I cried as she told the story of seeing the waters  creeping up her yard, and within an hour their evacuation with nothing but the clothes on their backs and their cell phones, windows shattering behind them from the water pressure on the house.    No car.  Nothing.    

The effect on all of us is sadness, of course, to see the destruction and to see such precious and faithful, faithful family friends displaced. But also a realization that only our family, friends and the Lord are our essential treasures.   I long to hug her and sit quietly with her, but she is at a friends home with no street access due to the flooding.  My heart is filled with the love we have shared over years of living life and enduring with one another through all the dramatic and joyful issues of our lives.   In this, we all have our treasures.
Quite surreal.   It feels similar to the fires that burned so many friends homes near us this summer and last.  Please pray for Ruth and her family.  She is trusting the Lord with her whole heart in these hours and reminding her two daughters of Gods faithfulness.  She is trusting that this will be an opportunity for she and her husband to share Gods great love in her neighborhood and beyond.  She is leaning fully into our Lord.  
May God bless each of you with a true sense of what really matters and with His love today.