Every Thursday Savannah and I spend the day together alone while Peyton is at school.  I am so thankful for the Provision of this alone time.  Its the second year we have been able to enjoy this weekly tradition.  The sand in the hourglass of my time with her at home is so small now.

Yesterday we drove to the Broadmoor and walked around enjoying the sunshine and cool fall breezes.  We talked of friends, dreams, fears, excitements and failures.  We sat and enjoyed for hours.  More and more I can see that her wings are readying for flight.  Its a beautiful thing to behold.

She is in love with her Lord.

She is one of my favorite people in all of the world.  I choke up at thinking about the small amount of time we have left together like this.  But my heart leaps for joy at what the Lord has in mind for her.

What a privilege it has been to walk with her, to be the one elected to walk with this woman child, all of these days.    They have been so, SO good.