Last week Peyton started her 8th grade year at her one day a week academy.  Likewise,  Savannah, a junior this year,  began her Chemistry tutoring and her AP 2-D Art class via her Yale professors.  Next week we will begin all their other lessons.  The girls are always so content when the new school year begins.  They thrive in the schedule of it all and tell me each year that it feels like Christmas.

Today it is 81 degrees here.  Windows and doors are all open.  The sun is shining at a high slant into our living area, creating radiant spots in which Rugby loves to bask.

I am lesson planning at the table, my only distraction the song of the water feature  and wind chimes just beyond the dining room window.

Moments ago the kitchen was filled with life and laughter.  It was so loud the neighbors probably heard every word of the shenanigans.  Doug and the girls had taken a break from their respective endeavors long enough for a snack:  Homesick Texan's Mexican Chocolate Chewie's and coldpress coffee.  Now they are gone again, Peyton reading Animal Farm for her Literature class tomorrow and Savannah downstairs getting Geometry/Advanced Math tutoring from her dad.

 While they were all in the kitchen I noticed how pleased, connected, dynamic they sounded.  There was a fullness.  It made me smile very deeply.

And my smile turned to chuckling, eye rolling laughter as Doug ran upstairs to grab the Geometry Text from his study and stopped to serenade me from the catwalk singing (with totally cheesy SoulTrain'esque hand motions), "She must be a special lady, and a very exciting girl.  Must be a special lady,  got me sittin on top of the world".

And now, in the silence, as I plan for another year, I am very, very thankful.  There is a true richness to our life, our learning, our relationships.   Doug and I planned for so little of this, but Hoped for it all.  Thankful.