How was your weekend? Ours was restful, which was a Blessing beyond words.

God provided in many ways for us last week and in His tender touch I watched my husband sleep two full nights, which he hasnt done in months.  He needed it so.    God given Rest is so cleansing and full of Promise.    In times like these, Doug is so good about reminding us to keep our eyes on the Giver - not merely the gifts.

We had a house full of life and celebration yesterday as Peytons Back to School Ice Cream Party encircled our home.   5 new girls (thus families) in her class - many new faces, lives and names to learn.

This morning, as Doug goes back to his hard battles and the girls and I prepare for the beginning of our new school year, I am seeking Hope, Light and Beauty.  I am seeking to expend myself in a bit of creativity today because in doing so I have more to bring to Doug and to our girls.