Morning on the coffee shop deck with Doug, watching mountains praise and AFA airmen ascend to the bluest of skies.  I was welcomed back with a free cup of coffee today!

Then a three hour hike with Doug (sharing and getting caught up on a months worth of ponderings) around Garden of the gods, making him late for his calculus tutoring appointment.  Oops!  We shared one trail with three big horn sheep.

Coming home to find the girls tending their vegetable gardens,  hoses in hand, with sun teas brewing on the front porch.

The front living room is still askew with trunks, bags and shoes kicked off upon entrance last night.

Not a thing to eat in the house besides peaches, bananas and refried beans.   But the yard and gardens are a blaze of variety and bloom so I snipped a few handfuls of color for the front porch and outside tables.

Sunshine and 80 degrees.  And zero humidity.  Much different from those 106 TX temps.  Even needed a sweater when we left this morning!  Sigh.

I need to email friends and let them know we are safely home.

Savannah is unpacking and repacking to head to the mountains tomorrow morning for a weekend getaway with her bible study group.  10 homeschooled teen girls who meet every Friday for bible study, they are headed to a family cabin with the parents who own the cabin for their 2nd annual summer gathering there.  She's excited.  And Peyton is emailing friends, planning a pizza/movie night at our place while her sister is away.

So much Blessing to bring back to our life here.  So many ideas and ideals remembered and refreshed in my daughters hearts, and in my own.  We have many challenges facing us, but for now I just want to hold Doug's hand or rest upon his shoulder and settle back in.