A few nights ago we sat at our last meal around a table we built as a family in Minnesota. Its selling the next day was needed in this season of our life.   We thought of the prayers prayed there, the learning done there, the ideas and ideals shared there, the relationships built there.  And oh the celebrating!  Perhaps more than any other thing in our home, that table held the most memories.

For some reason we all took off our rings and placed them in order on the table then sat silently looking at them. They are all the rings we have exchanged: our wedding bands, the girls purity rings.    Each holds so much meaning, so many reminders, so much richness.

I dont yet know why that moment happened exactly. But seeing them all there together was powerful for each of us.   Savannah was the first to speak what we all were thinking - we had never seen them all side by side before, the unified story in symbolic form.

It was as if we all needed to see the promises and remember the Promises.   We needed to see that what was truly precious still remains.

It was also such a picture of the diversity of who we all are as individuals and then collectively who we are as a family.   If you know us, I am guessing you will see what I mean when you look at this picture.    The rings are from L-R Dougs, mine, Savannahs and Peytons.  They each tell who we are, if you have the eyes to see.

We have no idea where the Lord is leading us right now.  Individually or collectively.   These past five years have been exceedingly challenging and we have no reason to believe that will end anytime soon. So we will continue to celebrate what we have today, wherever today finds us.

What does He have in mind for each of us?