If there is one phrase that my children will  remember me for, it may be this one:  there is no excuse for ugly.  I say it all the time, they quote me on it all the time.  There has never been a season in their lives they have not heard it.  

So, being true to my catch phrase, I decided to gussy up the cabin we are staying in here at Camp.  The cabin is darling in structure, but lacking in civilization.   Did I mention its infested with scorpions?  They are on the walls, ceiling, floor.  I sleep with one eye open because we have to kill so many every day.  Mmm-hmm.  

Since I didn't bring a truckload of decor with me, I had to use what we had in our suitcases or could obtain freely in nature.  So, I gathered wildflowers and packed them into the jumbo tin cans discarded from the Camp kitchen, tied all my bandannas together to make a pennant banner for the front porch and gathered twigs together to make a hippie style 70's sunburst pattern for the main downstairs wall (the center is cardboard covered in burlap, which I found in the Camp handcraft shed).    

My babies are here recovering from all-nighters in their various Camp adventures.  And we are living in this space for a few weeks while I finish up my volunteering.  It is our temporary nest!  So there is no excuse for it to be ugly.